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    A dominant-negative mutation in the TRESK potassium channel is linked to familial migraine with aura
    Publication Type: Journal Articles (Refereed Article)
    Year of Publication: 2010
    Author(s): Lafrenière, Ronald G, Cader, M Zameel, Poulin, Jean-François, Andres-Enguix, Isabelle, Simoneau, Maryse, Gupta, Namrata, Boisvert, Karine, Lafrenière, François, McLaughlan, Shannon, Dubé, Marie-Pierre, Marcinkiewicz, Martin M, Ramagopalan, Sreeram, Ansorge, Olaf, Brais, Bernard, Sequeiros, Jorge, Pereira-Monteiro, Jose Maria, Griffiths, Lyn, Tucker, Stephen J, Ebers, George, Rouleau, Guy A