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    IBISCA-Panama, a large-scale study of arthropod beta-diversity and vertical stratification in a lowland rainforest: rationale, study sites and field protocols
    Publication Type: Journal Articles (Refereed Article)
    Year of Publication: 2007
    Author(s): Basset, Yves, Corbara, Bruno, Barrios, Hector, Cuenoud, Philippe, Leponce, Maurice, Aberlenc, Henri-Pierre, Bail, Johannes, Bito, Darren, Bridle, Jonathan R., Castano-Meneses, Gabriela, Cizek, Lukas, Cornejo, Aydee, Curletti, Gianfranco, Delabie, Jacques H.C., Dejean, Alain, Didham, Raphael K., Dufrene, Marc, Fagan, Laura L., Floren, Andreas, Frame, Dawn M., Halle, Francis, Hardy, Oliver J., Hernandez, Andres, Kitching, Roger, Lewinsohn, Thomas M., Lewis, Owen T, Manumbor, Markus, Medianero, Enrique, Missa, Olivier, Mitchell, Andrew W., Mogia, Martin, Novotny, Vojtech, Odegaard, Frode, Oliveira, Evandro Gama de, Orivel, Jerome, Ozanne, Claire M.P., Pascal, Olivier, Pinzon, Sara, Rapp, Mathieu, Ribeiro, Servio P., Roisin, Yves, Roslin, Tomas, Roubik, David W, Samaniego, Mirna, Schmidl, Jürgen, Sorensen, Line L., Tishechkin, Alexey, Osselaer, Christian Van, Winchester, Neville N.