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    Potential of information technology in dental education
    Publication Type: Journal Articles (Refereed Article)
    Year of Publication: 2008
    Author(s): Matthaios, Nikolaos, Stefanovic, N., Apse, P., Attstrom, R., Buchanan, J., Brown, P., Camilleri, A., Care, R., Fabrikant, E., Gundersen, S., Honkala, S., Johnson, L., Jonas, I., Kavadella, A., Moreira, J., Peroz, I., Perryer, D. G., Seemann, R., Tansy, M., Thomas, H. F., Tsuruta, J., Uribe, S., Urtane, I., Walsh, T. F., Zimmerman, J., Walmsley, A. D.