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    A Transcription Factor Map as Revealed by a Genome-Wide Gene Expression Analysis of Whole-Blood mRNA Transcriptome in Multiple Sclerosis
    Publication Type: Journal Articles (Refereed Article)
    Year of Publication: 2010
    Author(s): Riveros, Carlos, Mellor, Drew, Gandhi, Kaushal S., McKay, Fiona C., Cox, Mathew B., Berretta, Regina, Vaezpour, S. Yahya, Inostroza-Ponta, Mario, Broadley, Simon, Heard, Robert N., Vucic, Stephen, Stewart, Graeme J., Williams, David W., Scott, Rodney J., Lechner-Scott, Jeanette, Booth, David R., Moscato, Pablo, Bahlo, Melanie, Brown, Matthew A., Browning, Brian L., Browning, Sharon R., Butzkueven, Helmut, Carroll, William M., Danoy, Patrick, Field, Judith, Foote, Simon J., Griffiths, Lyn, Kermode, Allan G., Kilpatrick, Trevor J., et al.