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    Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism Alleles in the insulin receptor gene re associated with typical migraine.
    Publication Type: Journal Articles (Refereed Article)
    Year of Publication: 2001
    Author(s): McCarthy, L.C., Hosford, DA, Riley, JH, Bird, MI, White, NJ, Hewett, DR, Peroutka, SJ, Griffiths, Lyn, Boyd, PR, Lea, Rodney Arthur, Bhatti, SM, Hosking, LK, Hood, CM, Jones, KW, Handley, AR, Rallan, R, Lewis, KF, Yeo, AJM, Williams, PM, Priest, RC, Khan, P, Donnelly, C, Lumsden, SM, O'Sullivan, J, See, CG, Smart, DH, Shaw-Hawkins, S, Patel, J, Langrish, TC, Feniuk, W, Knowles, RG, Thomas, M, Libri, V, Montgomery, DS, Manasco, PK, Chun-Fang, X, Dykes, C, Humphrey, PPA, Roses, AD, Purvis, IJ