Adaptive Clause Weight Redistribution

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Title Adaptive Clause Weight Redistribution
Author Ishtaiwi, Abdelraouf; Thornton, John; Anbulagan; Sattar, Abdul; Pham, Duc Nghia
Publication Title Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming - CP 2006
Editor Frederic Benhamou
Year Published 2006
Place of publication Berlin
Publisher Springer-Verlag
Abstract In recent years, dynamic local search (DLS) clause weighting algorithms have emerged as the local search state-of-the-art for solving propositional satisfiability problems. However, most DLS algorithms require the tuning of domain dependent parameters before their performance becomes competitive. If manual parameter tuning is impractical then various mechanisms have been developed that can automatically adjust a parameter value during the search. To date, the most effective adaptive clause weighting algorithm is RSAPS. However, RSAPS is unable to convincingly outperform the best non-weighting adaptive algorithm AdaptNovelty+, even though manually tuned clause weighting algorithms can routinely outperform the Novelty+ heuristic on which AdaptNovelty+ is based. In this study we introduce R+DDFW+, an enhanced version of the DDFWclause weighting algorithmdeveloped in 2005, that not only adapts the total amount of weight according to the degree of stagnation in the search, but also incorporates the latest resolution-based preprocessing approach used by the winner of the 2005 SAT competition (R+ AdaptNovelty+). In an empirical study we show R+DDFW+ improves on DDFW and outperforms the other leading adaptive (R+Adapt-Novelty+, R+RSAPS) and non-adaptive (R+G2WSAT) local search solvers over a range of random and structured benchmark problems.
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ISBN 3-540-4627-8
Conference name 12th International Conference on the Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming (CP 2006)
Location Nantes, France
Date From 2006-09-24
Date To 2006-09-29
Date Accessioned 2007-03-09
Date Available 2015-06-01T23:37:04Z
Language en_US
Research Centre Institute for Integrated and Intelligent Systems
Faculty Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
Subject PRE2009-Other Artificial Intelligence
Publication Type Conference Publications (Full Written Paper - Refereed)
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