A pharmacogenomic evaluation of migraine therapy

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Title A pharmacogenomic evaluation of migraine therapy
Author Johnson, Matthew Peter; Fernandez, Francesca; Colson, Natalie Jane; Griffiths, Lyn
Journal Name Expert Opinion Pharmacotherapy
Editor Dimitri Mikhailidis
Year Published 2007
Place of publication London UK
Publisher Informa Healthcare
Abstract Migraine is a common idiopathic primary headache disorder with significant mental, physical and social health implications. Accompanying an intense unilateral pulsating head pain other characteristic migraine symptoms include nausea, emesis, phonophobia, photophobia and in approximately 20-30% of migraine cases, neurologic disturbances associated with the aura phase. Although selective serotonin (5-HT) receptor agonists (i.e., 5-HT(1B/1D)) are successful in alleviating migrainous symptoms in < or = 70% of known sufferers, for the remaining 30%, additional migraine abortive medications remain unsuccessful, not tested or yet to be identified. Genetic characterization of the migrainous disorder is making steady progress with an increasing number of genomic susceptibility loci now identified on chromosomes 1q, 4q, 5q, 6p, 11q, 14q, 15q, 17p, 18q, 19p and Xq. The 4q, 5q, 17p and 18q loci involve endophenotypic susceptibility regions for various migrainous symptoms. In an effort to develop individualized pharmacotherapeutics, the identification of these migraine endophenotypic loci may well be the catalyst needed to aid in this goal. In this review the authors discuss the present treatment of migraine, known genomic susceptibility regions and results from migraine (genetic) association studies. The authors also discuss pharmacogenomic considerations for more individualized migraine prophylactic treatments.
Peer Reviewed Yes
Published Yes
Publisher URI http://www.informapharmascience.com/
Alternative URI http://dx.doi.org/10.1517/14656566.8.12.1821
Volume 8
Issue Number 12
Page from 1821
Page to 1835
ISSN 1465-6566
Date Accessioned 2008-01-15
Language en_AU
Research Centre Menzies Health Institute Qld
Faculty Griffith Health Faculty
Subject PRE2009-Neurosciences
URI http://hdl.handle.net/10072/17847
Publication Type Journal Articles (Refereed Article)
Publication Type Code c1

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