Migraine genetics and prospects for pharmacotherapy

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Title Migraine genetics and prospects for pharmacotherapy
Author Colson, Natalie Jane; Fernandez, Francesca; Griffiths, Lyn
Journal Name Drug Development Research
Year Published 2007
Place of publication United States
Publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Abstract Migraine is a common complex neurological disorder with a well-known but poorly characterized genetic liability. The search for migraine susceptibility genes has been the focus of intense research. It is now believed that common migraine is not a single gene disorder, but attributable to several potentially interacting genetic variants. These variants may differ in each sufferer and interact with environmental factors to set the individual migraine threshold. This genetic liability may play an important role in the clinical heterogeneity seen in migraine and also in the variability of treatment response. This review will look at genetic loci implicated in migraine to date and consider their current or prospective role in migraine therapy. To elucidate the complex nature of migraine genetic liability, approaches that consider detailed endophenotypic profiles that encompass treatment response may provide much more relevant information than simple end diagnosis
Peer Reviewed Yes
Published Yes
Publisher URI http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/cgi-bin/jhome/34597
Alternative URI http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/ddr.20192
Copyright Statement Copyright 2007 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Self-archiving of the author-manuscript version is not yet supported by this publisher. Please refer to the journal link for access to the definitive, published version or contact the author for more information.
Volume 68
Page from 282
Page to 293
ISSN 0272-4391
Date Accessioned 2008-05-20
Language en_AU
Research Centre Menzies Health Institute Qld
Faculty Griffith Health Faculty
Subject PRE2009-Neurogenetics
URI http://hdl.handle.net/10072/18986
Publication Type Journal Articles (Refereed Article)
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