Vitamin E analogues as a novel group of mitocans: anti-cancer agents that act by targeting mitochondria

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Title Vitamin E analogues as a novel group of mitocans: anti-cancer agents that act by targeting mitochondria
Author Neuzil, Jiri; Dong, Lan-feng; Ramanathapuram, Lalitha; Hahn, Tobias; Chladova, Miroslava; Wang, Xiufang; Zobalova, Renata; Prochazka, Lubomir; Gold, Mikhal; Freeman, Ruth; Turanek, Jaroslav; Akporiaye, Emmanuel T.; Dyason, Jeffrey Clifford; Ralph, Stephen John
Journal Name Molecular Aspects of Medicine
Year Published 2007
Place of publication United Kingdom
Publisher Elsevier Ltd.
Abstract Mitochondria have recently emerged as new and promising targets for cancer prevention and therapy. One of the reasons for this is that mitochondria are instrumental to many types of cell death and often lie downstream from the initial actions of anti-cancer drugs. Unlike the tumour suppressor gene encoding p53 that is notoriously prone to inactivating mutations but whose function is essential for induction of apoptosis by DNA-targeting agents (such as doxorubicin or 5-fluorouracil), mitochondria present targets that are not so compromised by genetic mutation and whose targeting overcomes problems with mutations of upstream targets such as p53. We have recently proposed a novel class of anti-cancer agents, mitocans that exert their anti-cancer activity by destabilising mitochondria, promoting the selective induction of apoptotic death in tumour cells. In this communication, we review recent findings on mitocans and propose a common basis for their mode of action in inducing apoptosis of cancer cells. We use as an example the analogues of vitamin E that are proving to be cancer cell-specific and may soon be developed into efficient anti-cancer drugs.
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Volume 28
Issue Number 5-6
Page from 607
Page to 645
ISSN 0098-2997
Date Accessioned 2008-05-20
Language en_AU
Research Centre Menzies Health Institute Qld; Molecular Basis of Disease
Faculty Griffith Health Faculty
Subject PRE2009-Medical & Health Sciences
Publication Type Journal Articles (Refereed Article)
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