A Transnational Class: does corporate Australia have one?

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Title A Transnational Class: does corporate Australia have one?
Author Murray, Georgina
Publication Title The Nation in the Global Era: Nationalism and Globalization in Conflict and Transition
Editor Dr. Jerry Harris
Year Published 2008
Place of publication Pace University
Abstract This paper looks at the apparent contradiction of a transnational capitalist class (TCC) within the Australian nation state and asks if they do exist what is their relationship to the Australian Capitalist Class (ACC)? Is their relationship comfy, cooperative or conflictual or are the ACC in a relationship of commensalism where they benefit and the TCC is not significantly harmed or rewarded, much like the shark with its remora or sucker fish? The ACC sucker fish attached for food and global transportation upon the rapacious TCC shark; forming a unit of military precision, mobility and efficacy. The test for these likely scenarios is material that comes from a longitudinal study of interlocking directors and major shareholders (drawn from the top 30 companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) 1992-2007 and 300 top Australian companies listed on the Huntley’s 2007 shareholder database) plus interviews with top thirty company directors over a 15 year period 1992-2007.
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Published Yes
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Conference name Global Studies Association (GSA) Conference
Location Manhattan, NY
Date From 2008-06-06
Date To 2008-06-08
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Research Centre Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing
Faculty Arts, Education and Law
Subject PRE2009-Political Science
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