Modelling the effect of flow structures on canal system residence time

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Title Modelling the effect of flow structures on canal system residence time
Author Benfer, Nathan Peter; King, B.A.; Lemckert, Charles James; Zigic, S.
Publication Title Estuarine and Coastal Modeling, Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference
Editor Malcolm L. Spaulding
Year Published 2008
Place of publication USA
Publisher American Society of Civil Engineers
Abstract A modelling study was carried out using separate 3-dimensional circulation model and flushing model components of WQMAP to investigate the residence times of Oyster Cove, an artificial canal system connected to the adjacent Saltwater Creek estuary, Gold Coast, Australia. The flow between the canal system and estuary is controlled via a system of uni-directional and bi-directional structures. To validate the circulation model and the influence of the flow structures, a detailed field experiment was carried out using flow meters, tide gauges and fluorescent dye. Following the validation process, the model was used to examine the existing mixing dynamics and residence time of the canal estate. Finally, the model was used to compare a hypothetical design alternative to the existing layout and quantify the effect on the canal's residence time by changing the position of the flow structures and using different combinations of flow structures.
Peer Reviewed Yes
Published Yes
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Copyright Statement Copyright 2008 ASCE. Use hypertext link to access publisher's website.
ISBN 978-0-7844-0990-9
Conference name 10th International Estuarine and Coastal Modeling Conference
Location Newport, Rhode Island, USA
Date From 2007-11-05
Date To 2007-11-07
Date Accessioned 2009-03-20
Language en_AU
Faculty Faculty of Science, Environment, Engineering and Technology
Subject Water Quality Engineering
Publication Type Conference Publications (Full Written Paper - Refereed)
Publication Type Code e1

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