The Queensland Compound Library - Facilitating biomedical research in the Australasian region

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Title The Queensland Compound Library - Facilitating biomedical research in the Australasian region
Author Simpson, Moana; Fechner, Gregory Allen; Baell, Jonathan; street, Ian; Camp, David Brian
Publication Title The Queensland Compounbd Library - facilitating biomedical research in the Australasian region
Year Published 2008
Abstract Accessing compound libraries to facilitate biomedical research in the Australasian region Moana Simpson1, Jonathan Baell2, Ian Street2 and David Camp1* 1Queensland Compound Library Eskitis Institute, Griffith University Nathan QLD 4111 2Cancer Therapeutics CRC Pty Ltd 4 Research Avenue Bundoora VIC 3083 The completion of the Human Genome Project has provided an abundance of new targets for biological evaluation. Small organic molecules (compounds with a molecular weight < 500 Daltons) can be used as probes and leads to provide biological and therapeutic insights respectively. They are complementary to nucleic acid-based tools in that they target the gene product, typically a protein, rather than the gene or mRNA; have virtually limitless structural diversity; can act as agonists or antagonists and exquisitely affect a particular target for defined periods of time.[1] Unfortunately, it remains difficult to predict exactly which small molecules would be the most effective at modulating a given biological process or disease state. The medium- to high-throughput screening of novel and diverse compound libraries is being used increasingly more often to help overcome this limitation. The Queensland Compound Library (QCL) was recently established as a national small molecule repository to give biomedical researchers in the Australasian region the same opportunity to screen their targets against a range of novel and known compounds as is already the case in Europe and North America.[2] The Cancer Therapeutics CRC (CTx) is one example of an organisation that has utilised the QCL's expertise in compound management to facilitate its goal of drug discovery against a range of cancer-related targets. 1. Austin CP, Brady LS, Insel TR, Collins FS: NIH Molecular Libraries Initiative. Science 2004, 306:1138-1139. 2. Camp D, Avery V, Street I, Quinn RJ: Progress toward establishing an open access molecular screening capability in the Australasian region. ACS Chem Biol 2007, 2:764-767.
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Conference name AHMRC Congress 2008
Location Brisbane, Australia
Date From 2008-11-16
Date To 2008-11-21
Date Accessioned 2009-01-20
Language en_AU
Faculty Faculty of Science, Environment, Engineering and Technology
Subject Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Publication Type Conference Publications (Extract Paper)
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