Attraction Residuality as a Tourism Management Concept

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Title Attraction Residuality as a Tourism Management Concept
Author Lawton, Laura Jane; Weaver, David Bruce
Publication Title New Frontiers in Global Tourism: Trends and Competitive Challenges: The Travel and Tourism Research Association 37th Annual Conference Proceedings
Editor G. Jennings and S. Beeton
Year Published 2006
Place of publication Boulder CO: USA
Publisher TTRA
Abstract In May, 2003, hikers in Franconia Notch State Park in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, USA, observed that the Old Man of the Mountain, the state's iconic 12m granite rock face symbol and primary tourist attraction, had collapsed due to centuries of geological weathering and disintegration. While the sudden and unexpected loss of a regionally iconic tourist attraction is a notable crisis-inducing occurrence in its own right, the management and planning response has proven especially interesting because of its ad hoc focus on maintaining the Old Man tourism brand despite the demise of the actual attraction. The case study demonstrates how this perpetuation-focused response gives rise to the idea of the idea of 'attraction residuality', a term coined by the authors to describe the process whereby destroyed attractions of an iconic nature are reinvented as residual attractions through selected ex situ reconstructions and memorializations. The latter may occur through various strategies of mechanical and social reproduction. Selected case studies inform this concept and its incorporation into a specialized disaster planning framework.
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ISBN 0976806819
Conference name The Travel and Tourism Research Association 37th Annual Conference
Location Dublin, Ireland
Date From 2006-06-18
Date To 2006-06-20
Date Accessioned 2008-08-13
Language en_AU
Faculty Griffith Business School
Subject PRE2009-Tourism Management; PRE2009-Tourism Policy and Planning; PRE2009-Tourism Resource Appraisal
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