Music, Recording, and the Art of Interpretation

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Title Music, Recording, and the Art of Interpretation
Author Draper, Paul; Emmerson, Stephen
Publication Title CreateWorld 2008: The Art of Serious Play. The Serious Art of Play
Editor Michael Docherty, Darryl Rosin
Year Published 2009
Place of publication Australia
Publisher Apple University Consortium
Abstract For millennia, music has been a performance-based artform open to continuous variation and reinterpretation. More recently however, industrialisation has allowed for the mass-production of sound recordings, in turn bringing conjecture about the changed nature of music reception in society. This article reflects on related practice-based work by its authors and examines aspects of music production and representation. Technically, this is approached through a range of multi-track recording and sound treatment processes. Artistically, the sound productions highlight aspects of musical compositions, their scores and performances in order to explicitly communicate emotional interpretation and ongoing research into artistic practice.
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ISBN 978-0-947209-37-7
Conference name CreateWorld08
Location Brisbane, Australia
Date From 2008-12-07
Date To 2008-12-10
Date Accessioned 2008-12-17
Language en_AU
Research Centre Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre
Faculty Queensland Conservatorium
Subject PRE2009-Music
Publication Type Conference Publications (Full Written Paper - Refereed)
Publication Type Code e1

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