Analysis and Experiments for form finding of the SCST structures

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Title Analysis and Experiments for form finding of the SCST structures
Author Doh, Jeung-Hwan; Kim, Jin-Woo; Park, Moon-Ho
Publication Title Evolution and Trends in Design, Analysis and Construction of Shell and Spatical Structures. Proceedings of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS) Symposium 2009
Editor Editorial de la Universitat Politécnica de Valencia.
Year Published 2009
Place of publication Valencia
Publisher Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Abstract This paper is focused on the form finding of three kinds of SCST structures that are constructed with bolt type joint by gusset plate, bolt type joint, and ball type (Mero type) joint by means of cable-tensioning. The cable-tensioning method for SCST structure is a innovative, fast, and economical construction method in the special construction site or field condition, the cable-tensioning is performed with the strand in the bottom chords of space structures. In this paper, the unit shape of test models consist of uniform pyramids, from the planar structures on the ground, the space structures are shaped and erected into its final curved space structures by cable-tensioning. The cable-tensioning is applied along the diagonal direction, the circumference line direction, or the middle line direction of the each SCST structures. The feasibility of the proposed cable-tensioning technique and the reliability of the established geometric model were confirmed with finite element analysis and experiments for a small-scale test models. Through the experiments in the three types of SCST structures, within the yield limit of the members, a planar layout can be deformed to desired space shape by means of cable-tensioning. As a results, the proposed cable tensioning technique could be applied the form finding of the various SCST structures, so we can know the behaviour characteristic of the joint for each types in form finding for practical design purposes. For a special site condition of construction field, this cable tensioning technique should be an economic and reasonable construction method compare to conventional construction method including the heavy crane and scaffold.
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ISBN 978-84-8363-461-5
Conference name IASS Symposium 2009
Location Valencia, Spain
Date From 2009-09-28
Date To 2009-10-02
Date Accessioned 2010-03-02
Language en_AU
Faculty Faculty of Science, Environment, Engineering and Technology
Subject Structural Engineering
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