Mapping Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Location Distributions of Old People in SEQ

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Title Mapping Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Location Distributions of Old People in SEQ
Author Han, Hoon; Corcoran, Jonathan; Baum, Scott
Publication Title Urban Policy and Research
Editor Roy Jones and Paul Maginn
Year Published 2009
Place of publication Oxfordshire UK
Publisher Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group)
Abstract The aim of this paper is to examine the spatial patterning and possible contributors to the geographic distribution of older people for the past decade (1996-2006). Local Indicators of Spatial Association (LISA) and mapping of Statistical Local Areas (SLAs) in South East Queensland (SEQ) region were used to investigate changes in spatial patterns of older people over time using ABS Census 1996 and 2006 with geocoded 230 SLAs of SEQ. The study found three main patterns emerged in SEQ. First LISA method captured one third of the SLAs in SEQ are statistically significance when we account the changes in the spatial patterns of older people over time. Second, in all of the ten most rapidly growing clusters of the statistically significant SLAs studied, spatial pattern showed a “ageing-island” which areas with growth rates highest surrounded by areas with growth rate dropping. Third, the pattern of ageing spill-over to the neighboring areas was found in some coastal areas, particularly those in North-costal regions of SEQ.
Peer Reviewed Yes
Published Yes
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Conference name State of Australian Cities Conference (SOAC)
Location Perth
Date From 2009-11-25
Date To 2009-11-27
Date Accessioned 2010-02-03
Language en_US
Research Centre Population and Social Health Research Program
Faculty Faculty of Science, Environment, Engineering and Technology
Subject Urban Analysis and Development
Publication Type Conference Publications (Full Written Paper - Refereed)
Publication Type Code e1

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