IR-assisted ionization of helium by attosecond extreme ultraviolet radiation

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Title IR-assisted ionization of helium by attosecond extreme ultraviolet radiation
Author Ranitovic, P.; Tong, X.M.; Gramkow, B.; De, S.; Depaola, B.; Singh, K.P.; Cao, W.; Magrakvelidze, M.; Ray, D.; Bocharova, I.; Mashiko, H.; Sandhu, A.; Gangon, E.; Murnane, M.M.; Kapteyn, H.C.; Litvinyuk, Igor; Cocke, C.L.
Journal Name New Journal of Physics
Year Published 2010
Place of publication United Kingdom
Publisher Institute of Physics Publishing Ltd.
Abstract Attosecond science has opened up the possibility of manipulating electrons on the ir fundamental timescales. Here, we use both theory and experi- ment to investigate ionization dynamics in helium on the attosecond timescale by simultaneously irradiating the atom with a soft x-ray attosecond pulse train (APT) and an ultrafast lase rpulse. Because the APT has resolution in both energy and time,we observe processes that could not be observed without resolu- tion in both domains simultaneously. We show that resonant absorption is impor- tant in the excitation of helium and that small changes in energies of harmonics that comprise the APT can result in large changes in the ionization process. With the help of theory, ionization pathways for the infrared-assisted excitation and ionization of helium by extreme ultraviolet (XUV) attosecond pulses have been identified and simple model interpretations have been developed that should be of general applicability to more complex systems (Zewail A 2000 J. Phys. Chem. A 1045660–94).
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Date Accessioned 2010-08-02
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Research Centre Centre for Quantum Dynamics
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Subject Atomic and Molecular Physics
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