The galE gene of Campylobacter jejuni is involved in LPS synthesis and virulence:

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Title The galE gene of Campylobacter jejuni is involved in LPS synthesis and virulence:
Author Fry, Ben; Feng, Shi; Chen, Yuen-Yuen; Newell, Diane G.; Coloe, Peter; Korolik, Victoria
Journal Name Infection and Immunity
Year Published 2000
Place of publication USA
Publisher American Society for Microbiology
Abstract Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is one of the main virulence factors of gram-negative bacteria. The LPS from Campylobacter spp. has endotoxic properties and has been shown to play a role in adhesion. We previously cloned a gene cluster (wla) which is involved in the synthesis of the Campylobacter jejuni 81116 LPS molecule. Sequence alignment of the first gene in this cluster indicated similarity with galE genes. These genes encode a UDP-glucose 4-epimerase, which catalyzes the interconversion of UDP-galactose and UDP-glucose. A Salmonella galE mutant was transformed with the galE gene from C. jejuni. The LPS analysis of wild-type, galE, and complemented galE Salmonella strains showed that the C. jejuni galE gene could restore the smooth wild-type Salmonella LPS. A UDP-glucose 4-epimerase assay was used to demonstrate that the galE gene from C. jejuni encoded this epimerase. We constructed a C. jejuni galE mutant which expressed a lipid A-core molecule of reduced molecular weight that did not react with antiserum raised against the parental strain. These results show an essential role for the galE gene in the synthesis of C. jejuni LPS. The galE mutant also showed a reduction in its ability to adhere to and invade INT407 cells. However, it was still able to colonize chickens to the same level as the wild-type strain. The serum resistance and hemolytic activity of this mutant were not changed compared to the parent strain. The ability of the mutant to take up DNA and integrate it in its genome was reduced 20-fold. These results show that LPS of C. jejuni is an important virulence factor.
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Published Yes
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Volume 68
Page from 2594
Page to 26091
ISSN 0019-9567
Date Accessioned 2001-01-01
Language en_AU
Research Centre Institute for Glycomics
Faculty Griffith Health Faculty
Subject Bacteriology
Publication Type Article in Scholarly Refereed Journal
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