Accelerometers: An Underutilized Resource in Sports Monitoring

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Title Accelerometers: An Underutilized Resource in Sports Monitoring
Author Neville, Jonathon George; Wixted, Andrew James; Rowlands, David Duanne; James, Daniel Arthur
Publication Title Proceedings of the 2010 Sixth International Conference on Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing
Editor S. Marusic, M. Palaniswami, J. Gubbi, P. Corke
Year Published 2010
Place of publication United States
Publisher IEEE
Abstract Play based sports monitoring techniques provide coaches and players with the tools to better measure the effects of training or live performance. This paper explores the advantages of using accelerometers units, in an effort to better analyse over ground running in professional athletes. A large portion of studies in player monitoring in the Australian Football League (AFL) utilize GPS to obtain time and distance measurements. Previous studies have shown that the speed and energy expenditure of an athlete while running on a treadmill can be obtained through the use of body mounted accelerometers. This research extends these concepts by applying them to overground running data from professional players. A study was conducted using professional AFL players and GPS and accelerometer sensors. The data obtained was filtered and the stride frequency was obtained for stepwise bands of constant running speed between 4km/h and 24km/h. Stride frequency was compared to speed obtained from the GPS. A linear relationship between stride frequency and speed was identified and agreed with the literature. This indicates that a player's speed can be approximately derived from their stride frequency, and thus, more efficient and cost effective accelerometer can be used in lieu of GPS units.
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ISBN 9781424471768
Conference name International Conference on Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing (ISSNIP)
Location Brisbane, Australia
Date From 2010-12-07
Date To 2010-12-10
Date Accessioned 2011-02-22
Language en_AU
Faculty Faculty of Science, Environment, Engineering and Technology
Subject Motor Control
Publication Type Conference Publications (Full Written Paper - Refereed)
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