Anticipatory timing in algorithmic rhythm generation

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Title Anticipatory timing in algorithmic rhythm generation
Author Gifford, Toby; Brown, Andrew Robert
Publication Title Proceedings of the Australasian Computer Music Conference 2010
Editor Opie, Timothy T.
Year Published 2010
Place of publication Canberra
Publisher Australasian Computer Music Association
Abstract Generative music algorithms frequently operate by making musical decisions in a sequence, with each step of the sequence incorporating the local musical context in the decision process. The context is generally a short window of past musical actions. What is not generally included in the context is future actions. For real-time systems this is because the future is unknown. Offline systems also frequently utilise causal algorithms either for reasons of efficiency [1] or to simulate perceptual constraints [2]. However, even real-time agents can incorporate knowledge of their own future actions by utilising some form of planning. We argue that for rhythmic generation the incorporation of a limited form of planning - anticipatory timing - offers a worthwhile trade-off between musical salience and efficiency. We give an example of a real-time generative agent - the Jambot - that utilises anticipatory timing for rhythmic generation. We describe its operation, and compare its output with and without anticipatory timing.
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ISBN 1448-7780
Conference name Australasian Computer Music Conference 2010
Location Canberra
Date From 2010-06-24
Date To 2010-06-26
Date Accessioned 2011-07-25
Language en_AU
Research Centre Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre; Centre for Creative Arts Research
Faculty Queensland Conservatorium
Subject Information and Computing Sciences
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