Investigating Techniques to Reduce Evaporation from Small Reservoirs in Australia

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Title Investigating Techniques to Reduce Evaporation from Small Reservoirs in Australia
Author Helfer, Fernanda; Lemckert, Charles James; Zhang, Hong
Publication Title Proceedings of the 34th IAHR World Congress 33rd Hydrology & Water Resources Symposium 10th Conference on Hydraulics in Water Engineering
Editor Valentine, E.M.
Year Published 2011
Place of publication Brisbane, Australia
Publisher IAHR
Abstract Climate change has been posing a great pressure on water resources, particularly in Australia. In South-East Queensland (SEQ), the annual evaporation is expected to rise by about 16 per cent in the next 60 years due to increasing greenhouse gas emissions. As the region relies on a large volume of stored water, the minimisation of evaporation is a key factor in guaranteeing availability of water in the future. This paper analyses the efficiency of some existing techniques in reducing evaporation from small dams within SEQ. The use of suspended covers, destratification systems and windbreaks was investigated using modelling. Of these techniques, suspended covers showed the greatest potential for reducing evaporation (in the order of 88 per cent). The efficiency of windbreaks was around 27 per cent, while the use of destratification system did not change evaporation rates. These results are encouraging, and further research is warranted to determine the cost-effectiveness and environmental impacts of the use of suspended covers and windbreaks to reduce evaporation from small dams.
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ISBN 978-0-85825-868-6
Conference name 34th IAHR World Congress
Location Brisbane, Australia
Date From 2011-06-26
Date To 2011-07-01
Date Accessioned 2011-08-16
Language en_US
Faculty Faculty of Science, Environment, Engineering and Technology
Subject Water Resources Engineering
Publication Type Conference Publications (Full Written Paper - Refereed)
Publication Type Code e1

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