Preparation of non-local superpositions of quasi-classical light states

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Title Preparation of non-local superpositions of quasi-classical light states
Author Ourjoumtsev, Alexei; Ferreyrol, Franck Michel; Tualle-Brouri, Rosa; Grangier, Philippe
Journal Name Nature Physics
Year Published 2009
Place of publication United Kingdom
Publisher Nature Publishing Group
Abstract ‘Schrödinger cat’ states of light1, defined as quantum superpositions of quasi-classical coherent states, have recently emerged as an alternative to single-photon qubits for quantum- information processing2–6. Their richer structure provides significant advantages for quantum teleportation, universal quantum computation, high-precision measurements and fundamental tests of quantum physics7–13 . Local superpositions of free-propagating coherent states have been realized exper- imentally, but their applications were so far limited by their extreme sensitivity to losses, and by the lack of quantum gates for coherent qubit rotations. Here, we demonstrate a simple approach to generating strongly entangled non-local superpositions of coherent states, using a very lossy quantum channel. Such superpositions should be useful for implement- ing coherent qubit-rotation gates, and for teleporting these qubits over long distances. The generation scheme may be extended to creating entangled coherent superpositions with arbitrarily large amplitudes.
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Volume 5
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ISSN 1745-2473
Date Accessioned 2011-12-01
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Faculty Faculty of Science, Environment, Engineering and Technology
Subject Quantum Information, Computation and Communication; Quantum Optics
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