Analysis of Chemical Film Monolayers under Wind and Wave Conditions

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Title Analysis of Chemical Film Monolayers under Wind and Wave Conditions
Author Schouten, Peter William; Palada, Carlos Ernesto; Lemckert, Charles James; Sunartio, D.; Solomon, D.H.
Publication Title Proceedings of the 34th IAHR World Congress 33rd Hydrology & Water Resources Symposium 10th Conference on Hydraulics in Water Engineering
Editor Eric M. Valentine
Year Published 2011
Place of publication Brisbane, Australia
Publisher IAHR
Abstract Drought, along with water wastage has been a serious issue facing the Australian population, in particular communities in regional areas. In response to this, several new chemical film monolayers have been developed by the Cooperative Research Centre for Polymers to reduce the effect of evaporation in both agricultural and public water reserves. The influence of waves and wind on the ability of these particular prototype monolayers to reduce evaporation has not been quantified. The research presented in this manuscript has begun to solve this issue by implementing a testing regime using a wave basin located in an atmospherically controlled enclosure (constant temperature and capable of simulating wind on the water surface). Preliminary results have found that the application of moderate capillary waves generated by surface wind action has a quantifiably smaller detrimental influence on the performance of the prototype monolayers in comparison to widely used octadecanol-based formulations and could provide a better defence against evaporation compared to other chemical films currently available to the public.
Peer Reviewed Yes
Published Yes
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ISBN 978-0-85825-868-6
Conference name IAHR 34th World Congress : Balance and Uncertainty: Water in a Changing World
Location Brisbane, Australia
Date From 2011-06-26
Date To 2011-07-01
Date Accessioned 2011-08-09; 2012-02-17T04:59:33Z
Faculty Faculty of Science, Environment, Engineering and Technology
Subject Environmental Management
Publication Type Conference Publications (Full Written Paper - Refereed)
Publication Type Code e1

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