Managed Investments and Insider Trading: Regulation and Liability

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Title Managed Investments and Insider Trading: Regulation and Liability
Author Qu, Charles Zhen
Year Published 2008
Place of publication Australia
Publisher Sandstone Academic Press
Abstract Managed investment insiders have more opportunities to take advantage of inside information than ordinary corporate insiders and their insider trading activities can be very harmful. Surprisingly, little study has been done on insider trading in the managed investment context. This book studies one aspect of the law of insider trading in the context of managed investments, namely, the availability of causes of actions and attainability of civil remedies to claimants against insider dealers within Australia's unit trust managed investment industry. This book provides a succinct overview of Australia's managed investment and insider trading regulatory framework and details arguments on the efficacy of Australia's statutory insider trading regime. It also debates on the extent to which remedies against insider dealers may be obtained in general law.
Peer Reviewed Yes
Published Yes
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ISBN 9780975783986
Date Accessioned 2011-11-09; 2012-02-28T04:36:39Z
Research Centre Socio-Legal Research Centre
Faculty Griffith Business School
Subject Commercial and Contract Law
Publication Type Books (Authored Research)
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