Oceanic Pulse Forcing of a Beach Groundwater System

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Title Oceanic Pulse Forcing of a Beach Groundwater System
Author Cartwright, Nick; Gibbes, Badin
Publication Title 20th Australasian Coastal and Ocean Engineering Conference
Editor Prof C Pattiaratchi
Year Published 2011
Place of publication Australia
Publisher Engineers Australia
Abstract This paper presents the findings of a pilot study into oceanic pulse forcing of a sandy coastal aquifer. Field observations of the response of the aquifer to a wave setup induced pulse in shoreline levels reveal that the pulse penetrates further into the aquifer than the semi-diurnal tidal signal. The data are then used to evaluate the abilities of an existing analytical solution and a numerical model to predict the propagation of the pulse in the interior of the aquifer. Both the analytical and numerical models predict the growth of the time lag with landward distance of the pulse adequately but fail to reproduce the decay of the pulse, significantly over predicting the decay rates. In this instance, the presence of tidal fluctuations and a sloping ocean boundary have been eliminated as potential causes but another possible candidate that warrants further investigation in the future is the infiltration from wave runup which would act to increase groundwater levels.
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Publisher URI http://www.coastsandports2011.com.au/
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ISBN 9780858258860
Conference name Coasts and Ports 2011
Location Perth, Australia
Date From 2011-06-26
Date To 2011-07-01
URI http://hdl.handle.net/10072/45301
Date Accessioned 2011-11-14
Language en_US
Faculty Faculty of Science, Environment, Engineering and Technology
Subject Earth Sciences
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