Effects of Free Learner Control with Quick Overviewing in Technology-mediated Learning

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Title Effects of Free Learner Control with Quick Overviewing in Technology-mediated Learning
Author Carmona, Manuela; Jo, Jun Hyung
Publication Title Proceedings of World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 2011
Editor Theo Bastiaens & Martin Ebner
Year Published 2011
Place of publication United States
Publisher AACE
Abstract The degree of learner control is a crucial design element of flexible learning systems. An effective system must provide the capability for the learner to exercise control over the sequencing and pacing of the content. Quick overviewing is a form of scanning before reading. It improves reading comprehension of especially a large amount of information. A careful overview saves precious time and the ability to overview means students do not have to read everything when studying (Harvey, 1998). Although it has not generally been considered as a formal study phase, our study has revealed that it is an important factor in planning and organising a learning strategy. This paper investigated the effects of quick overviewing and different control methods on learners’ performance. Learners for the research were divided into two groups: free-control group (FCG) and restricted-control group (RCG). The study results suggested that quick browsing together with free navigation control positively influenced the learning performance.
Peer Reviewed Yes
Published Yes
Publisher URI http://www.editlib.org/p/38061
Conference name ED-MEDIA2011 World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications
Location Lisbon, Portugal
Date From 2011-06-27
Date To 2011-06-29
URI http://hdl.handle.net/10072/46545
Date Accessioned 2012-03-20; 2012-08-26T23:35:13Z
Research Centre Institute for Integrated and Intelligent Systems
Faculty Faculty of Science, Environment, Engineering and Technology
Subject Curriculum and Pedagogy
Publication Type Conference Publications (Full Written Paper - Refereed)
Publication Type Code e1

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