Conservation and Management of the Endangered Fiji Sago Palm, Metroxylon vitiense, in Fiji

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Title Conservation and Management of the Endangered Fiji Sago Palm, Metroxylon vitiense, in Fiji
Author Morrison, Clare; Rounds, Isaac; Watling, Dick
Journal Name Environmental Management
Year Published 2012
Place of publication United States
Publisher Springer-Verlag
Abstract Recovery planning is a key component of many threatened species conservation initiatives and can be a powerful awareness raising tool. One of the largest impediments to conservation efforts in the Pacific region however, is the lack of ecological data and its subsequent effects on the development of feasible and useful recovery plans for threatened species. Without these plans, the understaffed, underfunded and often technically ill-equipped conservation agencies face huge difficulties in planning, prioritizing and conducting conservation activities to adequately protect biodiversity. The Fiji sago palm, Metroxylon vitiense, is an endemic endangered palm species whose survival is heavily dependent on a feasible species recovery plan. It is geographically restricted and threatened by habitat destruction and overexploitation for thatch for the tourism industry and palm heart consumption by local consumers. Despite its threatened status, M. vitiense is not currently protected by national or international legislation. Recent field surveys and extensive stakeholder consultation have resulted in the production of a species recovery plan highlighting the importance of the species and advocating sustainable harvesting rather than complete bans to promote conservation. This articlesummarizes the recovery plan and its current effects on the status of M. vitiense in Fiji. We also discuss the role of different stakeholders in the conservation of M. vitiense, including the absence of significant behavioral changes by the largest consumer - the tourismindustry, and the importance of recovery plans for biodiversity conservation in the Pacific.
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Volume 49
Issue Number 5
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ISSN 0364-152X
Date Accessioned 2012-05-03
Language en_US
Research Centre International Centre for Ecotourism Research
Faculty Faculty of Science, Environment, Engineering and Technology
Subject Conservation and Biodiversity; Impacts of Tourism
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