An X Chromosome Association Scan of the Norfolk Island Genetic Isolate Provides Evidence for a Novel Migraine Susceptibility Locus at Xq12

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Title An X Chromosome Association Scan of the Norfolk Island Genetic Isolate Provides Evidence for a Novel Migraine Susceptibility Locus at Xq12
Author Maher, Bridget; Lea, Rodney Arthur; Benton, Miles; Cox, Hannah; Bellis, Claire; Carless, Melanie; Dyer, Thomas D.; Curran, Joanne Elizabeth; Charlesworth, Jac C.; Buring, Julie E.; Kurth, Tobias; Chasman, Daniel I.; Ridker, Paul M; Schurks, Markus; Blangero, John; Griffiths, Lyn
Journal Name PLoS One
Year Published 2012
Place of publication United States
Publisher Public Library of Science
Abstract Migraine is a common and debilitating neurovascular disorder with a complex envirogenomic aetiology. Numerous studies have demonstrated a preponderance of women affected with migraine and previous pedigree linkage studies in our laboratory have identified susceptibility loci on chromosome Xq24-Xq28. In this study we have used the genetic isolate of Norfolk Island to further analyse the X chromosome for migraine susceptibility loci. An association approach was employed to analyse 14,124 SNPs spanning the entire X chromosome. Genotype data from 288 individuals comprising a large core-pedigree, of which 76 were affected with migraine, were analysed. Although no SNP reached chromosome-wide significance (empirical a=161025) ranking by P-value revealed two primary clusters of SNPs in the top 25. A 10 SNP cluster represents a novel migraine susceptibility locus at Xq12 whilst a 11 SNP cluster represents a previously identified migraine susceptibility locus at Xq27. The strongest association at Xq12 was seen for rs599958 (OR = 1.75, P = 8.9261024), whilst at Xq27 the strongest association was for rs6525667 (OR = 1.53, P = 1.6561024). Further analysis of SNPs at these loci was performed in 5,122 migraineurs from the Women’s Genome Health Study and provided additional evidence for association at the novel Xq12 locus (P,0.05). Overall, this study provides evidence for a novel migraine susceptibility locus on Xq12. The strongest effect SNP (rs102834, joint P = 1.6361025) is located within the 59UTR of the HEPH gene, which is involved in iron homeostasis in the brain and may represent a novel pathway for involvement in migraine pathogenesis.
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Volume 7
Issue Number 5
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ISSN 1932-6203
Date Accessioned 2012-10-16
Language en_US
Research Centre Menzies Health Institute Qld
Faculty Griffith Health Faculty
Subject Medical and Health Sciences
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